Making sense.........

Does everything have to make sense? You see I come from a society where everything is so predictable. We are told so often by foreigners who came visiting “ Singapore is such a fantastic place. So efficient...productive, effective etc...” And my usual response is "We are so sterile"

One day during the Festival of Arts, a fringe performance at the shopping mall in the main shopping. It was a lunch time performance. Like many I look forward for these fringe performances because it’s free. And so we all gathers…….after the performance a man who was standing beside me turn and asked “do you understand what the whole performance is all about?”

“nope I don’t” I answered back.


“..but you know come to think of it … why should it make sense all the time. Occasionally when you come across something that does not make sense, it’s very refreshing right?”

“yes … now you’re making sense to me” and we had a good laugh.

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