The Nature of Violence
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Violence comes about when there is separation. Separation breeds conflict. There will always be violence as long as humans are capable of segregating each other based on religion, race or language. When one began to differentiate themselves and believing that they are different from the other, and that they are above everybody else. When one particular religion advocating that they are the only one to possess the right to the so called Truth Path or Heaven is itself an act of violence. Thus to abolish violence committed in the name of religion, is to abolish the basic principles/pillars adhered to these religions.

Some may have said “Everyone has an element in them” thus it is not possible to eliminate violence. It is not possible because we are mentally condition to believe as such. When we’re being brought up in such an environment and we act accordingly as expected of us. To break the cycle of violent, we must break this state of mental condition. To overcome violence is not to be non violent but to understand the nature of violence. For one to understand the nature of violent one must not belong to any religious sect, political entity or racial groups.

The “I” must die first…