We are like trees.... we must create new
leaves, new directions in order to grow. And
trees again need to be taken care off as
there’s so many enemies all waiting to bring
the tree down. Some enemies will attack the
tree from bottom up, creeping into the soil to
get to the roots. Then there’s’ enemies that
will attack you directly. So we need to have
the knowledge, the strength and the wisdom
to overcome all these enemies if we want to
save the trees.
We are like trees....... where others too will come
and seek shelter under the trees from the rain
and the sun. As such the trees must remain
strong and viable, but again the direction of the
trees and the leaves depend on the branches....
how far can the branches stretch itself. The
branches are like us too, how far we can stretch
ourselves…and then when the leaves began to
fall, in the evening against the solitude of the
night sky you could see the outline of the
branches, you began to appreciate the beauty…
and it gives you an idea of a once beautiful tree
that have provided shelter for the many.