The Nurses' Story
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2001, December

"N, I saw this when we were going through her
stuff. It’s meant for you as it has your name on it"

A little note attached to the parcel, delivered to
me as registered mail few days ago...

I don’t have to open the parcel…. I know the
content…. Knew them too well…gently place
them in my study table and locked it. When the
time is right I will go through and decide what to
do with them. Several others safely back home
in a safe deposit box only accessible to me. I
need to go for a walk… I needed to be alone for
a moment.
In the silence of the night, I could still hear her voice echoed in my head.

“I don’t know... but I wanted to make sure that this information passed on to somebody I can trust… and you’re the only person I can
think of”

“Wow! Why me! You see that is my problem... I don’t even trust myself....how can anyone else trust me? What am I suppose to do with them?

“Observe them”

“Then... what?”

“You will know what to do"

“I will?”

“Oh! You will… I know you will... that is if I’m gone. There will be a contact number and a person you will want to meet”

“I will? A person?”