I left Nursing in late 1997, two months before I came to Kuala Lumpur,
to follow my husband who is working with a Multi National Company.
They relocate almost all of them from Singapore Office to Cyberjaya.
It’s been one the most difficult decision I've taken: to leave something
I've been very passionate about. Just when everything is going on
smoothly: a successful presentation of our research work and a job
promotion, suddenly I'm told "we got to move to Malaysia". My nursing
friends said "you can still commute between Singapore and Malaysia"
but I know its' not possible. It will be too time consuming and will be
taxing. Then the best gift I've been hoping for: I found out that I'm
pregnant. Our first child.

I remembered the day I join Nursing. I promise to myself that I will only
leave nursing as a Director of Nursing or at least a Assistant Director
of Nursing. I work hard on reaching my goal and I know if I continue to
pursue, I will eventually get it, but somehow along the way, things
happen. My priorities have change. Before its all about work and
patients, suddenly family interest comes along. I sat one day and
question my priorities. What is important to me now?

Do I have any regrets? I remember my conversation with my
boyfriend [ my husband now ] He said : the time will come when you
have to make a choice between your family and me. I told him: No
dear, the time will come when I have to make a choice between you
and my career. My hope is that when the time comes I will make a
wise decision. I believe if you want to do something, do it and should
have no regrets. No turning back.
Yes! I’m passionate with nursing. I still feel very strongly about it because nursing was not just a career. It’s a religion to me.
Nursing transform me into a person I am today.

So here I am, still a nurse at heart, writing about nurses because some of the nurses I'm writing about will never do it
themselves. A promise I made to them sometime back “I shall write about us”. The tears we shared, the laughter and the pain
but most important of all the friendship that have develop over a period of time. This is also a dedication to one aspiring young
writer, who never got the chance to realize her dream. This is not just my story but stories of them and her. This is our story…..
The Nurses' story