“We always talk about living and about recovering. Nobody wants to
talk about death. Death has always been a taboo subject. In olden
days when somebody diagnosed with a terminal illness, they are
immediately put away. I’ve hear of a cancer patient, being place in a
home and the family refused to have him back because he has a
terminal cancer. It’s like having an infectious illness, to be put away
and to isolate from the public it is sad isn’t it?

In Hospice we talk about quality of life, about acceptance and
preparing for the eventual. We guide the patient to go through all the
stages, until he/she comes to the stage where he/she able to say is: I
am ready to go. To me that is what nursing is all about at this present
moment in time of my nursing career.

In the Hippocratic tradition where our medical traditions derived, a
doctor did not treat the incurably sick or terminally ill. It is thought
unethical to treat a patient with a deadly disease, for in doing so the
doctor can be labeled as trying to play GOD. Hospices concept are
different altogether. Nobody is turn away. The message here was:”
You matter because you are you, and you matter until the last moment
of your life. We will do all we can, not only to help you die peacefully,
but also to live until you die”
The hospital is like a war zone, once you are in, you are not sure you will come out in one
piece. Sounds very dramatic but to some people their fears are real......
“If you want to look for glamour… for good money… to look good all the time, then nursing is not for you. You come in the
morning duty being greeted with patient soak with stale urine or fecal already dried on their backside. Then you clean
them. Wash them and make them feel fresh. What does this poor person have to offer to you? Nothing.

Their gratitude is the only word they know “Thank you” and a smile, and you know they are sincere and that makes you
really happy. You will feel the goodness that you have done to this poor helpless person. That feeling of goodness which
will bring forth pure happiness is your reward, a reward that no money can buy.

But remember no regrets. What ever choice you made, there should never have any regrets. That is one principle you
must understand

When you look at nurses and their uniform, the whiteness look so pure so angelic, but it is not. There are sacrifices. Let’s
say you’re in the morning duty and you have a date at 2.30pm, suddenly at 2 pm a patient collapse. Can you say “sorry I
have a date and I have to go”. No you don’t. You stay with your friends to help with the resuscitation. It’s all about Team
work. Even when you work in the ward, there are some nurses you might not like at all, but once patient collapse, you
have to put aside your preferences. You cannot say I will not help in the resuscitation because I do not like the nurses
there. You can’t do that, this is my thinking. When you’re saving a life, you’re emotion cease to exist. Your likes and
dislike is no more but what is good for the patient. That is how I see Nursing.”