The Fantasy Island.........

Fantasy is fiction or a "made up" that are not realistic. It is an imagined or conjured up sequence fulfilling a psychological need. Lets take example of Superheroes. Why do we believe in them when we know they are or can never be real. Superheroes have the ability to do some amazing things.Is it not a form of escape from the reality of this harsh life. Its nice to fantasies about the presence of somebody out there who is able to defy death [ like Superman.. with Iron body.. no bullets could get to him or the wonder woman...] or having this ability to capture the evil one etc...At the end of the day its all about Good over Evil..

The same for heaven and hell. They are but an illusion some religions create as a form of escape, or to make people to submit to their set of behavioural standards. Its their Fantasy Island.

Somebody told me "I personally don’t believe in frightening people by telling them about heaven and hell or about day of judgment but these concepts sometimes in some people induce little sense of responsibility about their behavior and beliefs in this world but I strongly believe that if there is some diety who is my creator then it is His right that I should know him and I should be aware of all the bounties He has bestowed on me and i should be thankful to Him too for all that. or for at least my existence"

My answer is "I call this Healthy Fear. But fear are fear, what purpose does it serve? To make one do certain things accordingly to the prescribed set code of conducts? Would it be more meaningful if I am to tell my child, you should not hurt anybody because it is wrong. If you do not want them to do the same to you, should you not do the same? It’s a basic lesson in humanity. So see another as yourself… a human being. Instead of telling the child: you must do good to another so that you can go to heaven…and you offer all the rewards system them"
So if you see an elderly and you help him/her to cross the road, is it because you are being guaranteed rewards or because it’s the right thing to do? You see the problem… when we always expect rewards for all our deeds yes. I have worked certain number of hours… and such I expect such amount of money being paid to me. But in spiritualism does it have to be the same? So tell me what does heaven got to do with it. Heaven is like the same as bribe you demand. The whole concept it the joy of giving without asking anything in return should it not be?

Where is the real heaven and hell? Its all in the mind. Heaven is that space we create in our mind... like a safe deposit box where we put in all our good thoughts... all our desires and needs. Hell is that other space in our mind where we store our nightmares and fears. In our daily life, we fluctuates between these two space. In between these two space is a vaccum.. a void.. an empty space. It contain no fears, desires or the space in the universe. Everything between the Earth, the Sun are all Vacuums. They are not just cold, empty spaces but consist of stuff that is very difficult for us to Quantify. Light, radio waves, gamma rays, X-rays etc could pass through these vacuums but when you try to hold your hand inside that space there would be nothing. In this space there is no atmosphere or pressure because all the molecules are spread out as much as possible. So anything place into this space it will not crushed like in the bottom of the Ocean, but instead will blow up into pieces as the molecules will try to spread itself up as much as possible to occupy the space……eventually it will be neutralised and dissappear. What is left is just a space....and a vaccum.

What we need to do is to expand this void space to such an extend that the space called heaven and hell does not exist anymore....This is what I would call : The State of Realization

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