Spiritual Slavery
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I was still in my secondary one when I got hold of the book ROOTS. I remembered how I shed tears after reading the book. The impact it has on me was tremendous. Watching the serial thereafter TV on is even more painful, but I watch them all… till the sequel: Roots the next generation. Images of people with chain around their neck, tied to the tree and whipped brutally, force separation of families, rape and slave auction.

For those who do not know about this book, it is based on Alex Haley's best-selling novel about his African ancestors, Roots followed several generations in the lives of a slave family. The saga began with Kunta Kinte, a West African youth captured by slave raiders and shipped to America in the 1700s. Kunta received brutal treatment from his white masters and rebelled continually. An older Kunta married and his descendants carried the story after his death. Daughter Kizzy was raped by her master and bore a son, later named Chicken George. In the final episode, Kunta Kinte's great-grandson Tom joined the Union Army and gained emancipation.
Like other slave related books that I have read including Uncle Tom Cabin, it has made me to look at myself, others around me and my relationship with them particularly with regards to race and religious differentiation. The whole experience has expanding my sense of history. As I sat and watch the serial program, I saw human beings each with character, and I saw each as victims of oppression. I saw images of a human being hunted down like some wild animals by another human being and thereafter hang on the tree, the dead body left there for others to see as a warning sign.

What was their fault, for having this desire for freedom?

In America, after the civil war, when the slaves are being told that they are free, many of them didn't want to be free. Question asked: why wouldn't they want to be free? It's the same with the birds, being caged for too long that they have become crippled and forgot how to fly. Even if you remove the cage, they will not fly. Why should they in the first place? They are accustomed of being feed. Even thought they may be treated badly, they are being looked after.

Freedom brings forth a set of consequences. They have to fend for themselves, they have to work hard and be strong. Do they want to? It is easy to be a slave. Any form of dependence is slavery: Spiritually. Emotionally, Psychologically and Physically. Amongst these, spiritual slavery is the worst form of slavery. Somebody asked me once "Are you a spiritual person?"

"What is a spiritual person?" I asked him in return "Does being spiritual means I must be spending my time prayer in my prayer room? Wearing yellow robe etc" He was silence.

GOD the beloved loved you, they have said. We are part of this BELOVED and that we are being told that if only we do this and do that as expected of us,, we will be loved. If we don't follow then we will be punished. Hell and Heaven is there for us to make the choice. If we follow the direction of the BELOVED heaven will be for us, otherwise we will be burnt in hell. I term this spiritual hostage. How the BELOVED and the advocates of the BELOVED used our spiritualism to trap us in this illusion. The voice from our social conditioning warned us "you are not to question the BELOVED" Should we not? TO question means we are arrogant and ignorant?
"Can I be doing cooking for my family and still be spiritual?" Personally I believe being spiritual and spiritualism is very personal. Its like the DNA of your soul. Spiritualism is who you are and what you are. It is your being and your individuality. Your spiritual growth is something intrinsic to your being. It does not come from outside nor it should be impose on you. It should unfold itself naturally.

Many religious groups and spiritual master will say to you: "Come to me.. only I have the capacity to help you to grow spiritually…. Only I have the key to your happiness. Only I have the knowledge to your spiritual growth". The moment you surrender yourself to these groups and master, you are surrendering your freedom.

The evilest form of spiritual slavery is when you force somebody to remain or to embrace a religion/belief system against their will. The very religion that proclaimed itself as a religion of PEACE and LOVE but execute their own people for trying to excise their rights to belief. What difference are they from the slave trade, the slave traders and the ku klux klan

What is the different between spiritual adventures and spiritual slavery?

Spiritual adventures is to empowers ourselves to expand our consciousness, allowing yourself to grow your individuality, and freedom without help from anybody. A spiritual master is to guide you towards your independence…..making you independent on them and not otherwise.

Spiritual Slavery means that we follow a particular ideology, a particular teaching and a particular tradition word by word. We does not allow ourselves to expand our being even when the spiritual master have long dead, we are still trap in their influence. We the living has become the slave of the dead.