The Sex Talk
I remember once, while sitting at the side road cafe, with a cup of coffee and my latest book. Book
can transport you back in time... name it... future, present or the past. Or into the unknown world… if
only you allow yourself. You must feel the book... and merge with it… you can never explain it but
only to experience only for those who are adventurous. And then suddenly there before me stand a
man, looking curiously at my book. I look at the man and then at my book suddenly becoming
protective over it, thinking he might want to grab the book away from me. You've heard of the bag or
the gold chain snatcher, but who ever heard of a book snatcher? But I must still protect myself as I
held my book closer to me.

"Can I help you?" I ask him

"She is your favorite author too?" he asked.


"This is her latest book right……? I've been trying to get it... where can I get it?" And I told him. And
he gradually deposits himself at the seat in front of me. I did not bother to offer him anything. He
offered himself to my presence and I just let him be. We began chatting about the book and the
author. All her other books we both has read. After couple of hours, he excuse himself "I have
to go "said he "I like to thank you… I really have a great time" "Me too" I replied.

As I walked home that evening, with this euphoric feeling. How does one describe it? Sometimes
experiences, you can never describe it with words. You feel complete……in a state of bliss. Suddenly
it came to my realization. I never know his name nor who he is or where he comes from. For that
particular moment in time all those are not important anymore. They cease to exist. As the French
termed it "le petit mort" when time and space cease for an instant. We both are sharing a pleasurable
moment that brings about this whole state of completeness and bliss.

"My Gosh! I just had SEX with a stranger!"

"Having sex" can mean many things. It can refer to intimacy or closeness between a man and a
woman, between two men or between two women. "Having sex" doesn't just mean when a man's
penis enters a woman's vagina.  Sex as physical, is to mutate, .to eliminate bad genes as in the theory
of natural selection but must it always be physical? It can be mental too. When two form of opposite
merge to be one, when you have two minds, merge; is having SEX. Sexual energy is a very powerful
energy, if one knows how to redirect the energy. The result is a spiritual bliss?