People are either stuck in the past or
becoming too obsess with the future, that
they forget to live in the present.

Living in the present is to live for TODAY, for
NOW. To be TODAY and NOW is to be
conscious of your surrounding. To take
notice of the happenings that is around you
and make an attempt to do something about
it if you find the happening disturbing. The
greatest mistake is for one not to do

Instead of asking "Why am I here?" should
one not ask instead "This is where I am at
this moment in time. This is what I have
become. What can I do to make this
remaining journey of mine more meaningful
and joyful".

The past belongs in the past. There is
nothing much you can do about it. You can
only learn. You cannot change the past.

You can only experience the future if you're
able to survive in the present.

You can use the past to experience the
present in order fulfill your future.