Openess... to be open and I am open
How often have we heard this statement: "I am an open book", "I am open to new ides", "and I am an open person". The question often cross my mind when I read these statement is: What do we understand by "to open up" or "being open".

I was at a hindu Temple, Jalan Gasing, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia one fine day. It is a simple temple with an open concept, located on top of the hill of of Jalan Gasing. There only pillars but no walls surrounding the temple, and from there too I am able to see Petaling Jaya town, also the surrounding smaller towns around Klang Valley.

What is so special about the temple is that I am able to sit where I am, to be able to see the sun rise, sun set and to feel the winds blowing from all different directions without having to move an inch from where i'm sitting. There's nothing to block my view too. I can see the klang valley and petaling jaya as far as my eyes can see. It is a wonderful feeling.

But how far are we willing to open ourselves up?
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Does being open means

[1] My house and door open to anybody with an invitation only

[2] My house and door open to anybody without an invitation but they should follow our house rules and regulation and they must only enter from the main door.

[3] I do not have a door or my house covered with walls, anybody can come and sit at any place they like and leave from any direction. I will not stop them and I will accept them all.