In the Flow...... Back then in Singapore while working as Registered Nurse, I'm given the duty to percept a new Filipino nurse. After 3 months, I called her and asked “I need to submit a report to the Education Department. Do you have anything to ask?” And she said ”Yes! I observe the Singaporean [referring to the nurses] here are always in a hurry. They work fast, they eat fast, they walk fast, and they even talk fast. Why?”

I laughed and yes! I felt insulted at first [hey! She is saying badly about us Singaporean], but something she said make me think for a while. So the next day happens to be my day off, I decided to go back to my ward but this time as an observer. I deposited myself at the visitor area and sat there for hours just observing my nurses at work. That experience has open up a lot of things in me. Things I have not seen before. Yes! This young Filipino nurse is right. We are always in a hurry? We are so obsess with wanting to get our work done. We talk a lot about providing holistic nursing care, but we never practice it. For short we are so in the Flow that we forgot that we are dealing with people.

What is flow?

Flow happen when challenges are high and personal skills are used to the utmost, we experience this rare state of consciousness. The first symptom of flow is a narrowing of attention on a clearly defined goal. We feel involved, concentrated, absorbed. We know what must be done, and we get immediate feedback as to how well we are doing. Even a usually boring job, once the challenges are brought into balance with the person's skills and the goals are clarified, can begin to be exciting and involving.

Nevertheless there are dangers because it too can stunt the development of the self. One can get trap in this state of mind….. And can be very difficult to move away from the flow unless you are strong enough. As the saying goes to be able to go against the currents you must be very strong. When you are in the flow, you will not be able to see it. Only when you have remove yourself from the environment and try to look at yourself from the outside, only then you can see. This whole experience of removing yourself and observing yourself can be a frightening experience because it may change the whole perception you have about yourself and your environment. That is why for some they choose not to do it because change will bring about a whole lot of other things they can never handle.

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