Freedom...... What is real freedom? Is it about the ability to talk freely as you wish with no restriction. Is it about the ability to do whatever you want without any limitation. When you still depend on others to provoke you to speak, is that freedom? When you still need to refer to others to excise your freedom of expression, do you consider it freedom?

Freedom is a state of mind. Real freedom is when it is premodially free, coming right from within you without any fear. You are not afraid of other people thoughts about you. You are not afraid of what others may do to you. You get beaten up or thrown in jail, so as to keep you silence but you are still free, beacuse freedom is your right to be and nobody can take it away from you, and you know it. You know no matter what they do to you, they will never break you, because you are free. You are not afraid or you know you have nothing to loose. So you are free. To me that is real freedom.

"freedom is easy to lose" as some may say. How can we loose freedom when freedom is within us. We are the one who create this sense of freedom. YOu can throw me into jail and remove all my privileges or make my friends to go against me, call me whatever names you want but your action have no affect on me...

By accepting who you are, All who you are, By being who you are And not afraid of what you have become You are free . Freedom is when there is nothing to loose and


Can we use freedom in trying to influence others? I don't think so. I believe its an individual thing. Its like a bird in the cage. I have learnt that some time even when you remove the cage the bird will not fly.

A bird will not fly even when you have removed the cage because the bird is being conditioned to believe that it cannot fly. This is what I'm trying to say... this state of mental conditioning. How do one overcome when one's mind being mentally conditioned especially with fear. When you are bring brought up since young and your mind being feed with the elements of fear. This whole stories about hell and punishment, what are they meant for…… isn't it not to mentally conditioning our mind. We are always afraid to make that first bold move because of fear. We do everything out of fear.
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