Following the Dead!
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I was reading about the Italian catacomb few days ago, looking at the gruesome pictures of the dead hanging on the wall , makes me want to look at my own self.

How many of us is actually doing it unconsciously … hanging the picture of the dead spiritual master and hang it up against our wall of consciousness. Shouldn't not the dead be dead, their physical body to be return back to earth where it belong? What is the purpose of trying to preserve the dead body? We take pains in trying to maintain the body to its original… continuously injecting chemicals , body washed with vinegar, put back in their best clothes and thereafter hang up on the walls like a piece of artifact for others to see.

As I looked at the pictures of the dead, it reminds me of spiritual slavery and becoming the slave of the dead.

We spend a lot of time fearing the death, plunging ourselves into spiritualism as an escape route. We follow the dead masters vigorously thinking these masters have the answers to our fears. But do they? Is it not weird that we the living are being dominated by the dead? And that the living should depend on the dead and their promises? Do they really come to save us… or only to show us the guidance... there after we have to seek it ourselves? We must create our own path to our own salvation?