Fearlessness... is not about the removal of fear or the reduction of it but going beyond The Fear. Fearlessness is not about the ability to stand before your enemy and say : I am not afraid of you. But fearlessness is the ability to stand before the world and say : "This is who I am... This is what I have become" Fearlessness is having the courage to break free from the Cocoon we built around ourselves. Coccon is our habitual patterns that we embed ourselves choosing not to leap into fresh air or onto fresh ground. Coccon is that darkness that we create within ourselves. Its our personal jungle and caves where we can hide from the world and we feel secure. We have so much fear that we make ourself numb with fear. We surround ourselves with our own familiar thoughts, so that nothing sharp or painful can touch us. We are so afraid of our own fear that we deaden our hearts. Main Page
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