Do I
want to
Empty Vessel
Our mind is never free from the experience of the past. Our actions and everything else is the byproduct of our
experience. It’s this past experience that create this conditioning. So my question is can we remove our mind from
this conditioning?” If our mind is like a vessel containing all the experiences, recondition means to remove and
empty all the content until there is none only then we are able to experience the purity of the new experience,
because like collecting milk in the vessel as long as there’s left over or stale milk in the vessel, if you do not empty
them, it will pollute the fresh milk. The new milk can never remain fresh or pure.

Therefore mind must be empty or have the ability to empty all, completely all before you can really say your
personal experience is pure and real. Real experience should come from within and not from outside influence.

But do I want my mind to be like a vessel, no matter how empty it may be? An empty vessel is itself creating a
limitation. Experience is limitless, boundless and shapeless. What happen when the empty vessels is full, it spilled
out. So how can you contain something is so vast into a vessel, no matter how empty it may be. Therefore one
must break the vessel. Crush it completely until there is none, then there is no emptiness. Then you do not have
this need to empty your empty vessel anymore because there is none to be emptied, and the 'pouring' of milk is
continuous and ever lasting, like the river that flows without stopping. And when the river flows without stopping,
there is no stagnation. The water will remain fresh and pure at all time.

..and becoming a vessel can be dangerous and addictive, because it will become an addiction. You will spend
your time trying to empty and refilling it. You will began to create fear of emptiness, as once you see the empty
vessel you will try to fill it, with anything that comes your way. Emptiness has become like death.

Emptiness is when there is no boundaries. Like the empty room, its walls all broken down, the ceilings remove,
destroyed completely until there is none. What is left is just an open space. Your experience is like the air that
blows through you in all direction.

And when our mind is empty like an open space, so vast that what ever past experience you try to bring forth will
automatically be torn apart, as it will try to spread itself up as much as possible to occupy the space.