We create our own pain !
This Self says : I am special You see. I have this profound knowledge and I am ready to share with
the whole world.

This Self says : I have just wrote something fantastic and have posted in this forum.

This Self says : I just bought this beautiful, sexy looking dress, and I am going to wear it tonight for
the party. Everybody will go wow!

What happen when the Self didn't get acknowledge as it expects, when the world don't give a damn
to your knowledge. When people in the forum didnt bother to respond or praise your message, or
when nobody pays attention to you as you walked into the party room? or even worst they treat as
if this Self didnt exist altogether?

Self gets hurt.
Self feels depress.
Self feels sad.
Self feels pain.
So who is the one creates all the pain, the hurt, the depression and the sadness. Isnt not the Self?

Its like the traveller carrying all the unnecessary baggage on his shoulder and thereafter wondering
why he is so tired and feel so heavy.