Khalil Gibran: The Treasured Writings

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  1. NMadasamy says:

    One of my favourite from Kahlil Gibran : A Visit From Wisdom

    In the stillness of night Wisdom came and stood
    by my bed. She gazed upon me like a tender mother
    and wiped away my tears, and said : “I have heard
    the cry of your spirit and I am come to comfort it.
    Open your heart to me and I shall fill it with light.
    Ask of me and I shall show you the way of truth.”

    And I said : “Who am I, Wisdom, and how came
    I to this frightening place? What manner of things
    are these mighty hopes and these many books and
    strange patterns ? What are these thoughts that pass
    as doves in flight? And these words composed by
    desire and sung by delight, what are they? What are
    these conclusions, grievous and joyous, that embrace
    my spirit and envelop my heart? And those
    eyes which look at me seeing into my depths and
    fleeing from my sorrows ? And those voices mourning
    my days and chanting my littleness, what are they ?

    “What is this youth that plays with my desires
    and mocks at my longings, forgetful of yesterday’s
    deeds, rejoicing in paltry things of the moment,
    scornful of the morrow’s coming?

    “What is this world that leads me whither I know
    not, standing with me in despising? And this earth
    that opens wide its mouth to swallow bodies and
    lets evil things to dwell on its breast? What is this
    creature that is satisfied with the love of fortune,
    whilst beyond its union is the pit? Who seeks Life’s
    kiss whilst Death does smite him, and brings the
    pleasure of a minute with a year of repentance, and
    gives himself to slumber the while dreams call him?
    What is he who flows with the rivers of folly to the
    sea of darkness? O Wisdom, what manner of things
    are these?”

    And she answered, saying :
    “You would see, human creature, this world
    through the eyes of a god. And you would seek to
    know the secrets of the hereafter with the thinking
    of men. Yet in truth is this the height of folly.
    “Go you to the wild places and you shall find
    there the bee above the flowers and behold the eagle
    swooping down on his prey. Go you into your neighbor’s
    house and see then the child blinking at the
    firelight and his mother busied at her household
    tasks. Be you like the bee and spend not the days of
    spring looking on the eagle’s doing. Be as the child
    and rejoice in the firelight and heed not your mother’s
    affairs. All that you see with your eyes was and
    is for your sake.

    “The many books and the strange patterns and
    beautiful thoughts are the shades of those spirits
    that came ere you were come. The words that you
    do weave are a bond between you and your brothers.
    The conclusions, grievous and joyous, are the
    seeds that the past did scatter in the field of the
    spirit to be reaped by the future. That youth who
    plays with your desires is he who will open the door
    of your heart to let enter the light. This earth with
    the ever open mouth is the savior of your spirit from
    the body’s slavery. This world which walks with
    you is your heart; and your heart is all that you
    think that world. This creature whom you see as
    ignorant and small is the same who has come from
    God’s side to learn pity through sadness, and knowledge
    by way of darkness.”

    Then Wisdom put her hand on my burning brow
    and said :
    “Go then forward and do not tarry, for before
    walks perfection. Go, and have not fear of thorns
    on the path, for they deem naught lawful save corrupted blood.”

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