Soseki Natsume :- I am a Cat


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  1. NMadasamy says:

    “I am a Cat. As Yet I have no Name” these are first words in the book.

    Bought this book a month ago in Singapore. Can’t remember which book store. I went into several and bought 1 -2 book in each store. Anyway does it matter… I have this book with me, and for me to decide have it, is good enough. What got my attention?

    [1] The word CAT. My favourite pet. I have none right now. Use to have 4 when I’m younger. All 4 slept with me. Their name : Ali, Rusty, Whytie and Blackie. Not sure how I got their names. They respond when I call them. So whenever I see a book with a picture of cat, I can’t resist looking at them.

    [2] A Japanese writer. One of the many great japanese writer. For a now I’ve decide to focus my interest in reading Asian writers.

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