Yukio Mahima – The Temple of the Golden Pavilion


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  1. NMadasamy says:

    Favourite passage in the book :

    “Beauty – yes beauty is like a decayed tooth. It rubs against one’s tongue, it hangs there, hurting one, insisting on its own existence. Finally it gets so that one tooth extracted. Then, as one looks at the small, dirt, brown blood-stained tooth lying in one’s hand, one’s thoughts are likely to be as follows :”Is this it? Is this all it was? That thing which caused me so much pain, which made me constantly fret about its existence, which was stubbornly rooted within me, is now merely a dead object. But is this thing really the same as that thing? If this originally belonged to my outer existence, why – through what sort of providence – did it become attached to my inner existence and succeed in causing me so much pain? What was the basis of this creature’s existence? Was the basis within me? Or was it within this creature itself? Yes this creature which has been pulled out of my mouth and which now lies in my hand is something utterly different. Surely it cannot be that? Page 144

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