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  1. NMadasamy says:

    I stumble upon this book at the book sale in-front of Plaza Singapura. Rodney Hall describe it all in the comment “Will never a false note Ouyang Yu lays bare the reality of life in the limbo of a foreign culture. This bluntly honest and self-revealing book is a benchmark of cultural revolution”

    My favourite paragraph:

    “… nobody give a damn about pro-democracy and pro-freedom sort of nonsense. Democracy is not something that you can ask for from the head of the government, as it is not something that I can get from you by asking here. In most cases, it is an excuse. For doing other things. For taking it out on other people. For accusing others when there are no better reasons for criticising. For using as a weapon against small and weak nations and, in our cases, for securing a residence that gives us freedom to stay in Australia or go away, anywhere in the world. I don’t know if you know this that if you hold a Chinese Passport in Australia you cannot travel to any other countries because there is always the suspicion that you might harbour the secret intentions to become an illegal immigrants of that country to which you are traveling. If the passport of a country can allow me to travel freely around the world, I shall happily give up my own nationality for that passport even if it is that of the smallest nation in the world” Page 335

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