Gao Xingjian – Soul Mountain



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  1. NMadasamy says:

    My third Book written by a Chinese.

    Favourite Passage :
    “People think contempt for the vulgar lofty purity. They don’t realize that this lofty purity inevitably sinks into vulgarity. Rather than pitting the vulgar against the vulgar, it is better to just to be vulgar. Zheng Banqiao was destroyed by people like this. His lofty purity became the decorations of people who failed to achieve their ambitions, those few bits of bamboo of his have been painted to death and have become the most vulgar of painting transactions.

    The worst is his “It is difficult to be muddle-headed”. If he really wanted to be muddle-headed he should have just gone ahead with it, what was so difficult about it? He didn’t want to be muddle-headed but pretended to be muddle-headed while striving to appear clever.

    He was a cowardly genius and Ba Da was a lunatic.

    At first Ba Da pretended to be mad, then he really went mad. His artistic achievements lies in his real madness and not in his feigned madness. Or one could say he viewed the world with a strange pair of eyes and the sight of the world made him go mad. Or one could say the world cannot tolerate rationality and it is only with madness that the world becomes rational. Xu Wei in old age went mad like this and killed his wife. Maybe it would be better to say that his wife killed him. It seems cruel to say this but he couldn’t bear the world so he had no choice but to go mad. However Gong Xian didn’t go mad, he transcended the world. Because he did not want to fight against the world he was able to preserve his innate nature. He did not want to pit rationality against muddle-headed, he withdrew far away to the remote corner and immersed himself in a realm of pure dream” 70, PG 445.

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