Blackie The Rascal Cat likes to Play Chess!!
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Blackie_the_rascal_cat likes to play chess. Hubby feels chess is too time consuming. So blackie_the_rascal_cat decides to go to Yahoo! Chess and try out. Thinking that since chess is mainly a man's game, being a woman, blackie_the_rascal_cat assume that she will not be able to get good partners. So blackie_the_rascal_cat decided to change her gender as male. In the chess room, some how she ( who is now a He ) didn't get the reception as she expected.

Most of the male ( as she assume they are ) not interested to play the game with him (her ) saying that "he" must be good before "he" can challenge them. Blackie_the_rascal_cat is still a rookie. Eventually he did get someone interested to play with "him", a She, but blackie_the_rascal_cat began not to like this She. Blackie said to himself/herself "she talk to much, too distracting". So blackie_the_rascal_cat abandoned the game.

Blackie_the_rascal_cat began to think again "hmmm how let see what happen if I change back from Male to Female". So blackie_the_rascal_cat made the necessary changes and went to back to the chess room. Within minutes she received several invitations particularly from Male, because you see blackie_the_rascal_cat is quite good in chess.

Blackie_the_rascal_cat have won several games before, in the average of 10 games blackie_the_rascal_cat won 8. That is not bad actually for a woman playing chess especially for a first time in the Yahoo! Chess [ps: this is the only occasion blackie_the_rascal_cat like to compliment herself]. Male find it fascinating and asked her several time to challenge them.

She played with a male opponent who called himself `I_am_blackie_too_but_not_a_cat'. Checked mate him three times, and when blackie_the_rascal_cat wanted to call it off, he remarked " Are you sure you're a woman. You sure don't play like one ". Blackie_the_rascal_cat replied "I think I am a woman today, but who knows perhaps tomorrow I might decided to be a man for a change".

What all these got to do with Spiritualism? No connection. Just to say that Blackie_the_rascal_cat likes to play chess. Chess !! anyone ?