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Repent! Taubat!... you must return to your Lord! So says the defenders of the Islamic faith.
Those were the words they hurled at me. Most often I would just ignore. Why should I in the first place? I love to say: I am the murtad one… I am the apostate of Islam and I’m proud of it… just as I’ve heard it many times coming from the Muslim, but I will not do so. What there is to be proud of? I am who I am…this is what I have become… I do what I have to do….at this moment in time; this is the right thing to do and my main concern is to continue with this journey of mine peacefully. Islam has no place anymore as far as I’m concern. I have left it far behind... Miles behind and I have no intention of going back and making claims to it. There are no regrets. If you’re an Islamist, and you find my confession disturbing, then please don’t come here. I do not invite you here. Go somewhere and save yourself from me. Leave me alone … if you try to stop me or force me through whatever means to ever go back to that enclave call Islam, I will retaliate. I will fight back. I do not choose to be born as a Muslim and I detest being force to remain in a faith I have no faith in anymore. If you want to remain as a Muslim for the rest of your life and you are happy then that is your own choice but I do not and I will not.   Many has called me a "weaklings" and "traitor". Why? Because I choose not to be a spiritual slave? I create this page as a platform for me to voice out my opinion on certain issues that are of interest to me. This is one of the many path I have taken and even though I have move on, I like to go back and explore to find an understanding. If you find it hard to understand my action that is your issue you need to work on. I am not here to convince nor to confuse you. I am who I am and this is what I have become, and I am happy with it. I know I am right in my own way.
September 2009