"They threaten me.... saying they will hunt me down
and kill me"

"oh! and"

I replied "come... I am waiting. Kill me with your hatred,
hang me with your rope of rational, strangle me with
your logic. I am not afraid. In return I will be the one to
hunt you... remember "The hunted turn into a hunter"

We all looked at her, speechless. At this moment I do
not want to think of anything. This girl scared us all
sometimes, especially when she talk. You never know
what comes out from her. So much Fire

"What there is to be afraid of. That is what they want
us to be.... scared. Remove that fear, we will fight
back.... Dead! Huh! I am already dead, and they are
the one who kill me..... can the dead be dead again.
We shall see"

"Aiyo.....stop such talk lah. You scares us you know....
its your private war with them"

"In any war, its always the innocent who will be the
victim. These people don't care, you think they care
about the innocent. They are the one who have lost
their sense of direction, trying to put their fail ideology
above everybody else. Why we should submit to their
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