“Baris….. Sedia!”   the lance corporal shouted the command on top of his
voice….. Everybody stand at an attention,and then he march towards the
Staff Sargent who was standing few meters away " ready for inspection... Sir!"
and salute him.

The staff Sergeant walked towards the cadets, looking at the cadets, their uniform and then at their boots. He stopped at her, then move around her, he look at her boots then at her face so near that she can smell his bad breath,
she look straight.

“You did not polish your boots”

“No sir!” she responded.

“Why not! You know today there’s going to be an inspection.”

“I’ve been busy sir… I’ve got to help my mother to cut vegetables…. 10kg of
vegetables of 3 types. That is enough to take up my evening”. She could hear the
other girls giggling behind.

"Quiet!' he shouted at them. There were silence.

Thinking to himself, this girl will come up with odd excuses that makes it difficult
for him to respond “Why your sister can find the time to do all these… look at
her…and why you can’t be like your sister”

“I am not my sister Sir. My sister don’t have to cut the vegetables and the
potatoes, I am the one who is helping my mother and not her”

“Okay! Okay for your sister sake, I let you off this time… but please next week I
want to see your shoe polish. Do you understand?”

“Yes! Sir!” she responded."Damn!  Damn! Damn! I hate him.. Why he have to pick on me all the time. The other Chinese girl too never polishes their boot why he never sees….you know
his boots too is horrible. I think he too never polish… and he wants to pick on me"
grumbling to herself at the canteen with other cadets while having their drinks.

“Aiya….. He likes you lah…. That is why”

“Rubbish… he’s infatuate with my sister…. Don’t you know that? He been trying to
get her attention but my sister not interested in police cadet lah even if he is the
staff sergeant…. She’s in the NCC” Everybody laugh.

“Ya lah why don’t you be like your sister…. Look at her... staff Sergeant…..
Outstanding cadet award… ‘

“I am not my sister…. Don’t try to compare us. She might be good in NCC but
remember I beat her in all the other games…… basket ball my team trash her
team, Ha! I can even outrun her in the 200 and 400 meters.”

"I saw the game yesterday evening... you are ruthless you know!" one of the indian girls remarked

"Sheep to the slaughter... they think if they robe in my sister, I would show mercy... I don't. Even more I slaughter them all.."

“Ya lah why did you join the NPCC then… if you have no interest”

“Because my sister is in the NCC. Somebody got to be the opposite…I didn’t say I
don’t like NPCC, I hate all this polishing of the boots. They are stupid. Why need to
polish. You’re spend hours polishing them and then march on the field….
Eventually it gets dirty. Should leave it dirty. Just clean and wipe good enough. To
polish until you can see your teeth is a waste of time”

“How’s your range going on…? I heard you got chosen for the competition”
Katrina one of the cadet asked.

“Ya that's what Sir told me…. I got chosen. I scored the highest during the last
practice session. He’s going to put me in the team.”

“How come you’re good in shooting? Where did you learn how to shoot…?”

“Nobody……. When I held the rifle… and aim, I imagine seeing the pic of the
stupid staff sergeant, the moon face… and it hit the target all the time”

“Moon face?” several of them asked curiously….

“Ya didn’t you see his face…. All the pimples exactly like the surface of the moon”
They all laugh.