Singaporean in Kuala Lumpur
Page 1
She has been sitting at the stair case in front of
the home waiting for the taxi to come for almost
30 mins now. The waiting has made her

She saw scars on her face and didn’t ask
to how she got the scars. There’s certain thing
you don’t ask unless they are willing to tell you.
She has learned this during her early days in the
Page 2
“VOLUNTEERS NEEDED…..” she looked at the
address again on the piece of newspaper she
has been holding on to since the time she gets
into the taxi. She has cut the advertisement and
has tried to contact the number given but nobody
picked up the phone. She has gone through the
map to look at the
location and drawn it on another sheet of paper,
brave herself to come to this part of Kuala
Lumpur she have never been before to search
for this particular home.
Page 3
SHE looked at clock on the wall, it’s almost 2.30
pm. She need to fetch her daughter from school
and then to Mid Valley to buy her new shoe as
promise. Immediately log off from the computer,
dress up and hurriedly to the lift. She looked out
of the window. The sky is dark, looks like its
going to rain any minute. She could see its
already drizzling, will pour any minute. She will
have to run up the hill towards Bangsar
Shopping Center.
Page 4
I am suddenly reminded of Darwin’s theory of
Evolution: The Origin of Species. In Darwin’s’
theory, life is basically about two main things:
reproduction and survival. Much of our survival is
about showing off, consciously or unconsciously
in various ways to attract the opposite sex and
intimidate those of the same sex. In humans as
well as animals, both sexes engage in this. Men
do it more than women.
Page 5
“Nothing will happen to her… we should not take
responsibilities for everything that happen around us… she
should be allowed to learn to be responsible for her action. It’s
cruel dear to keep her with us just because of our insecurity.
She will have to learn the hard way like many of us... through
trial and error... we went through the same route… look at us…
we’re still okay.
Page 6
All this while since she came to KL she has never join any
other groupings, especially ladies grouping. Better stay
away from such group. What do you expect when ladies get
together? The only group she ever active with is the Parent
Association in her daughter
school helping the class mom
that is about it. She did not see the need to join any
particularly Singapore Groupings. Its not that she
got invited to such groups often, she never come in contact
with them.
Page 7  
He heard the children voice laughing as he entered the house.
His wife as usual came to greet him. He saw his daughter and
two other children at the dinning table having dinner. He place
his lap top on the sofa chair in the guest receiving area, glance
at the living area where the TV’s is. He saw a woman holding
an infant feeding milk while sitting on the sofa leather set.
Page 8
As she listen she would be dissecting the music,
separating the sound of the various musical instruments
played, and listen quietly to the melody. Each musical
instrument has its own distinctive sound. Each are like an
individual, separate and holistic but with an identity. She
could hear the sitar talking to the tabla talking to the flute
talking to the Mridangam. They are not just talking but
dancing as well in her head and how they all eventually
come together, merge and form a symphony in harmony.
Page 9
“As soon as I open it up, all eyes looked up at me in disbelief.
Imagine... they’re so comfortable in that enclosed
environment….. Sheltered from the others… suddenly here I
am…. their exterminator... coming for them… extracting them
one by one as they tried to scramble for cover….but I’m too fast
for them. With my forceps, I extract and squeeze them by their
neck as they tried to break free… and their slimy body
wriggling around the forceps. Several tried to burrow through
the flesh…
Page 10
The first time  when the housing agent brought her to see
the apartment for viewing she instantly agreed to it. The
agent wanted to show her the others in the list prepared
earlier but she refused. She’s tired of going around looking
for apartment. This will be their second house since they
move to Kuala Lumpur and their 4th since their marriage
Page 11
Let's take an example of the butterfly. The chrysalis is the
mask, protecting the butterfly during its transformation stage.
The butterfly must be strong enough to be able to break from
the chrysalis, spread out its wings and fly away. The mask we
wear must be flexible and breakable so that we can alter them
at will. We should be able to realise that we are not the mask
we're wearing as this mask is only temporary mask, the mask
we wants others to see not the real us