Singaporean in Kuala
As soon as I open it up, all eyes looked up at me in disbelief. Imagine... they’re so
comfortable in that enclosed environment….. Sheltered from the others… suddenly here I am….
their exterminator... coming for them… extracting them one by one as they tried to scramble for
cover….but I’m too fast for them. With my forceps, I extract and squeeze them by their neck as they
tried to break free… and their slimy body wriggling around the forceps. Several tried to burrow
through the flesh…. Got hold of their tail instead and drag them out… till there is none to be seen. I
could almost hear their scream…. manage to grab several more hiding behind the dead flesh. They
thought they could hide behind the gangrenous tissue. I pull them one by one by the tail and watch
with pleasure as they try to wriggle to break free… but I know several more able to escape from
me……and burrowing themselves deep into the flesh. I flush with Hydrogen Peroxide... and you
could see them struggle... swimming up to the surface trying to breath”  

They all looked at her… amused. This is one story they find it hard not to listen to.  

“Hydrogen Peroxide? Your hospital still using that stuff……I thought they are all being replaced. You
only use normal saline good enough”

“Don’t now lah….. I do ask them, but the professor said: use hydrogen peroxide first to make sure
the parasite is all flush out, then use normal saline. He said this is a special case. I think study. He
only allowed one person and that is me to do the dressing of this particular patient of his. Other
time he will come personally to do it himself and I will assist him”

“Aha! You’re his personal assistant lah…”

“Definitely” she said proudly

“Go on… then what happen….” Asked Nurul

“How many did you catch this time?” another questioned her.

“About 15”

“Wow… what’s your record?”

“20….Just then…. The curtain open up… and the medic ran out”

“Medic?” they exclaimed simultaneously. “Where the hell the medic come from...”

“From the Singapore Arm Forces lah… where else.”

“No... What is the medic doing there?”

“Supposedly to assist me… but it’s too awesome for him… he can’t take it... and he ran out to the
sink… gurgle out his breakfast”

“No!” they laugh.

“Poor guy… why you have to torture him like that?”

“Not my idea.   One of the student nurse who is suppose to help me suddenly change her mind and
manage to persuade this guy to take over. I think they have it all plan. I gather they don’t like this guy”

“They don’t? Why?”

“Ya...t o teach him a lesson because he talks too much and too boastful. I did warn this guy. You're
sure you’re up to it. This is a very nasty wound…. Not a pretty sight to see…….and smelly too. But
this guy…e said “no problem…. I can tolerate anything. You know the All-I-Know type etc.. So I said
okay… grab the gown and come with me”  They all began to laugh.
“Hello ladies…..” suddenly a soft voice from across the room. All turned to look
at her…. She was Dress in all black. Black tailored pants and black t-shirt with
the giraffe motive over the front of the t-shirt.  We all have given her the
nickname: “the woman in black” or sometimes for short “blackie” because she
is always in black. I asked her one day: are you in mourning or what? Don’t you
have any other color except black?
“Ah!” Exclaimed Nurul. “We’re become too obvious. Need to change our meeting
place lah!”

“This place is good….we did not do anything, why must move”

“ya! I like the food here….you see the buffet there……they have add in new

“Now where have you been huh? Your boyfriend have been harassing each and
every one of us… asking about you”

“He did eh! So let him be”

“Come on…. Pity him. Go and be a good girl… call him”


“Why…. Aren’t you both suppose to be in love…..what happen now”

“Ya lah... go and call him. He has been calling me practically everyday….
Wanting to know weather we hear from you”

“…and you will tell him like wise: you hear or see nothing of me” said blackie

“..He knows I’m lying if I say that…..”

“Then lie to him as much as you can……as long as he stays out for a while…..
Away from my radar”

“Easy” she said “if my t-shirt or pants stain or got dirty you cannot see. Also Black is not a
color… black is neutral... emptiness....black is able to absorb anything… and yet remain black.
You have a white and once it got stain… it becomes polluted… can be seen. When you try to
wash away, the marks will remain there….. You can see the spot… the same with other colors,
red, yellow… they all leave a mark. But not black… with black you see nothing… you leave
nothing and you too become nothing. Black absorbs everything that is yet remaining true to its

“Okay…interesting concept.” The only word I can utter. Trying to understand the wisdom of such

“You!” they all scream simultaneously, then immediately got up and each one embrace her.
“How did you know we’re here?”

“As if I don’t know……you’re in my territory remember. I know who comes in and out. When I
received the message that you ladies are in town, I roughly guess you would all meet here.”