Singaporean in Kuala
He heard the children voice laughing as he entered the house. His wife as usual came to
greet him. He saw his daughter and two other children at the dinning table having dinner. He place
his lap top on the sofa chair in the guest receiving area, glace at the living area where the TV’s is. He
saw a woman holding an infant feeding milk while sitting on the sofa leather set.

“Hello…” he smiles as he greets the children. “Hi Appa…” His daughter came running towards him,
wrap her arm around his neck and planted a kiss on his left cheek “your friends?” he asked his

“No amma friends’ daughter”

“Oh!” he turn to look at his wife “who is that lady? And whose children are this?”

“Don’t know…..” she answered him

“What do you mean you don’t know….that lady in our living room with a baby and these children, who
are they? And why are they here?”

“Come we talk in the room…” as she held his hand and lead him into their bedroom, close the door
gently and told him.

“Dear.. You can’t bring any stranger into our house…its dangerous”

“Why not….how can it be dangerous? The children can’t be that dangerous……..did you look the
youngest one…probably less than a year old……..I can’t bear to see them all cramp up in the taxi at
such weather”

“Where’s the husband?”

“I told him to leave his children and wife here while he go and settle his house problem. I gave him
the money to pay for the rent. Once he gets the key he will come for his family….did you see its still
raining heavily out there”

“How do you know the husband will come for them…..what if he doesn’t…. once he get the money, he
will go missing… leaving the lady and the children with us……what we’re going to do with them?” he
looked disturb.

This is not the first time him coming home finding strangers in his house. The previous time, he
came home greeted by 10 children from the Home aged between 4 – 7 yrs old. Coming from a small
family, he finds it strange having so many children in one roof. What irritate him is, she never give him
any warning about the guest. Every time he comes home having this sense of the unexpected. To
see what lies beyond the door…..initially it disturbs… but he’s getting use to it, just as he is getting
use to his wife ever unexpected action.

“poor thing dearie…….the bigger children all going for the commonwealth games, the smaller ones
left behind…..I feel sad for them”


“I offered to bring him home while the bigger children are away..
you know to cheer them up…the Home supervisor got permission
from the chairman…. we have such wonderful time, swimming by
the pool, then they have pop corn while watching cartoon…at the
home they always have to give in to the bigger children who
wants to watch other programs…did you see, their faces… they
look so happy”

“How did you bring all the 10 of them in at one time?”

“Taxi…..I booked a bigger taxi” How does she handle all these
children in one taxi, he can never imagine.

“Oh! I know he will…….even if he did not… we think of something”
He looked at her again. He’ve lost all desire to be angry with her.
It’s this something about her that he can’t resist. “Okay then….
make sure the children are feed including the mother…I’ll take
my shower now” as he resign into to the bathroom.