Singaporean in Kuala
“So what do you think?” Saguna asked her as they were driving back home after the meeting.

“Would you like to join the group?”

“What’s the purpose of this group?” she asked.

“More of social group….for us to get together.”

“What are the activities?”

“Sometimes we have cooking demonstrations…or a short talk on certain topics “

“IC… anything else? You did mention about visits to home, right. What kind of home and what do you
all do at these homes?”

“Yes we visit homes, but very rare. If we do, we bring in stuff for the home like old clothing, books. But
basically this group is for social event. We organize get together sessions etc…”

“IC… all the members must be Singaporean?”

“Yes... almost all of them married to Malaysian but still hold the Singapore passport”

“One lady said, she forgets that she still has the Singapore passport…..she see herself more as a
Malaysian, then why hanging on the Singapore Passport...”

“Oh that……as you know some times they say those things. But these ladies are still Singaporean at


“Well if you are not keen, its okay….there’s another group… but is very formal”


“Yes…very formal…the patron ….. The High Commissioner’s Wife...”


“And you mingle with other groups from the ASEAN countries.. you know coffee morning...”

“That is interesting….”

“If you’re interested, our next meeting, I can bring you around”

“High Commission Wife?”


“Hmmmmm nah its okay. I rather stay away from the Embassy" She hardly goes to the Singapore Embassy. The only time she went to the
high commission is when she wanted to make an enquiry about her husband driving license. They advise that she should register with the
Embassy when they got to Kuala Lumpur, just in case if anything happen, it’s easier for the High Comm. to contact them. So far she has not
done so. She does not see the need.

“What do you think…..would you like to join?”

“You have committee members and such….and annual meeting etc

“Yes…next year I will be the chairman of the group and I really like
you to join us”
“let me think about it first….not that I don’t want to
join but I want to make sure that if I do, I can
commit myself otherwise no point…just a member
but do nothing and can’t attend any of the
meeting” thinking of an excuse. All this while since
she came to KL she has never join any other
groupings, especially ladies grouping. Better stay
away from such group. What do you expect when
ladies get together? The only group she ever active
with is the Parent Association in her daughter
school…….helping the class mom that is about it.
She did not see the need to join any grouping
particularly Singapore Groupings. Its not that she
got invited to such groups often, she never come in
contact with them. She is already moving around on
her own and her commitment with the local
social group is enough to keep her occupied. She
prefers it that way as it gives her the freedom to
mix around with the locals.