Singaporean in Kuala
“How can we to ask her to leave?” remarked her husband. They had just finished their dinner.

“Its time for her to go … she must go and learn to be on her own as we have agreed when we
took her in remember!”

“If anything happen to her out there, we will feel responsible…” She looked at her husband. She
knew this will happen. Even though her husband seems detached, within she knew he is
attached to these kids who came to them. He has odd way of showing his love for the children.

“Nothing will happen to her. She is a survivor dearie…. and street smart type… she has to learn
the hard way. Talking, scolding and grumbling will not work for her. We’ve done it many time, what
did we get in return, she have us a blank look… you know that… we’ve gone through this many
time. She will not listen to us... why should she? Just because we allow her to stay with us, that
does not mean she must listen to our instructions”

“We have our house rules… she is supposed to adhere to it, if she doesn’t….”

“Why should she? We are the one who willingly take her in. Should we impose such demand on
her… even if she does not adhere to it, should we blame her? It’s the environment she has been
brought up with... at the HOME everything given to her... she just has to ask… many time no need
to ask. People ever willing to come and donate things to them” She often wondered about these
children from the HOME. How do they cope when its time for them to make it on their own? Can
they? Will they?

“…but she’s a girl”

“She must learn to respect our house rules…she find it difficult to discipline herself to our rules…
we cannot force her. So she must be allowed to go on her own…. She is okay now…. More than 4
months she got her confirmation letter from the bank… we should guide her to be on her own
from now on wards”

“If anything happen to her….”

“Nothing will happen to her… we should not take responsibilities for everything that happen
around us… she should be allowed to learn to be responsible for her action. It’s cruel dear to
keep her with us just because of our insecurity. she will have to learn the hard way like many of
us... through trial and error... we went through the same route… look at us… we’re still okay. Our
door is open for her at all time… should she need help she can always come back... but she
cannot stay. If she's injured, we will nurse her.. and help her in her healing then she must go”

“You talk to her….then”

“I will…..”