Singaporean in Kuala
SHE looked at clock on the wall, it’s almost 2.30pm. She need to fetch her daughter from school
and then to Midvalley to buy her new shoe as promise. Immediately log off from the computer, dress
up and hurriedly to the lift. She looked out of the window. The sky is dark, looks like its going to rain
any minute. She could see its already drizzling. She will have to run up the hill towards Bangsar
Shopping Center, deposit the cheque at RHB bank and then grab a taxi to Mont Kiara International
School. The school is about 10 mins away, provided there’s no traffic jam. She saw only one taxi
waiting at the taxi stand. Another Chinese lady already there waiting in line but she does not appear to
want to take the taxi. She asked the Chinese and was told to take the taxi first.  She thanked her as
she hurried herself in the taxi. It started to rain heavily. She has already inform the bus driver that she
will fetch her daughter today from school..

An Indian lady with an infant in her arm, and another two children both girls standing in the front
passenger seat turned to look at her. The driver welcomes her. She looked at them puzzled. How did
they get themselves cramp up in such a small place?

“Oh great”  thinking to herself. Another passenger in the taxi. She is already late and she can’t be
choosy. The other passenger dosen't seem to mind. She's probably going to drop off somewhere
near by. So which ever taxi comes along she have to take.

“Why don’t you drop this lady first to which ever you’re supposed to send her….it's okay with me?”

“No ... she is my wife"

“Oh! and these children?”

“My children...”

“Oh!” and then there was silence. She tried look away out of the window, pretending not to be
conscious of the two pairs of eyes studying her.  Occasionally her eyes, roam back at that pair of eyes
and the little infant in the mother arms. The tiny eyes haunt her…. It stirred her. “I know it’s not my
business but I have to ask anyhow, why you’re wife and children here. It’s raining heavily… should
they not be at home instead of you dragging them around in your taxi?”
“We don’t have a home… our house ... the owner lock
us out”

“Oh! Why?”

“Because I never pay the house rental for 3 months...
and the owner lock the house. He said if I don’t
pay up by this evening, he will throw all our things out
of the house…….that is why I am here with them”

“And why you didn’t pay the rent?”

He showed her his right leg… from knee downwards
to her toes covered with plaster of Paris “I had an
accident. One night after I drive, park my taxi and while
walking home another car hit me... I was
admitted in the hospital...for the past two months… at
least I still have my taxi… that is why I have to
drive to raise the cash to pay for the rent tonight..”

She went silence… trying to rationalize his words. The
three pair of eyes continued to study her. They
are so young… she took out a piece of paper… and
wrote down her address “Look I can’t talk to you
now as I have to fetch my daughter and I’m in a hurry.
This is my address … I will be back about 5pm, if you’
re still around here, you drop by, I want to hear your
story… okay?” and gave it to the driver before
she rush out towards the school guard house…