Singaporean in Kuala
“Ah! Finally, I found the place” exclaimed gently to herself with relief as she continue to walk towards the two storey corner bungalow house
in Taman Kanagapuram.

She is not use to this idleness. She is a working person and have been working since she can remember, helping her mother tending the
shop. Suddenly now she don’t have to work, if she doesn’t want to, her husband assured her, and since she will be on dependent pass,
she will not be allowed to work. But Nursing is different. There’s acute shortage of qualified nurses globally. Malaysia is facing the same
shortage. She knows she will have no problem getting any especially being a Graduate Nurse. First she need to apply to the Malaysia
Nursing Board to get their approval… then the transcripts of her training from School of Nursing and the University of Sydney to be submitted
to the Board. She has applied for position in Subang Jaya Medical center, Assunta Hospital and Gleneagles Hospitals. But  the question
she been asking herself: Does she want to go back to the hospital? Why should she continue to work in the hospital environment? She has
decided to move on…. and she knows she can’t turn her back now…..

“the time will come when you have to make the choice between your family and me” he told her once…” you will have to make the choice”

“No darling……I will definitely have to make choices…….and the time will come when I will make the choice between you and my career. My
hope is that when that time comes I will make a wise decision….” He looked at her strangely…

“Why you give me the puzzle look?”

“Never thought career will be one of the main choices….”
“VOLUNTEERS NEEDED…..” she looked at the address again on the piece of newspaper she has been
holding on to since the time she gets into the taxi. She has cut the advertisement and has tried to
contact the number given but nobody picked up the phone. She has gone through the map to look at the
location and drawn it on another sheet of paper, brave herself to come to this part of Kuala Lumpur she
have never been before to search for this particular home. The Administrator must be busy, assuring
herself. Oh! Well, thinking to herself, no harm done… she must find out about this home. If there is such
a home…..if there is none, its okay she always can go back… will take this as one of the adventure. At
least she has learn something today. She has many adventures particularly during her travels with her
friends to other part of Peninsula Malaysia.

During her travels with her friends, KL is only used as a transit point. They will deposit their bags at the
left baggage counter in Pudu Raya and then make their way to Bukit Bintang, their favorite shopping area.

“Are you going to transit in KL?”


“Okay... we meet at the usual place…..” They all know where the usual place is. Never have the time to
wander about anywhere else especially the outskirt of KL. Subang Jaya or Petaling Jaya sound alien to
her then. Once they’re done, they will take the last bus back to Singapore. There will always be the last

But now it’s different . This not a transit point anymore, she is going to stay here as long as her husband
is needed in KL. He said maybe 3 yrs then not sure where will they be. Where ever he goes,she will
follow along with him, that is their promise : to stay and remain with each other till death do they part!

She knows she will not have any problem… as a nurse, she is always flexible. She will learn to
accommodate herself and find something to keep herself occupied. So for the past 4 months since she
came to Kuala Lumpur, she has spent the time wandering about familiarizing herself with the places the
road and the people.

What is your first action as you enter the building… or the first thing
you should do when you start work in any place” she being asked once.

“Racee the place first…. look for the exit point…” she replied.

“What kind of exit point…”

“All the exit point particularly the point you know nobody will go to...
because that is the fastest and the safest way out…if you know how to
get in, you should know how to get out... you must plan your escape
route even before you get in”… He looked impressed.
Many have said she has made a stupid choice….She rather
sacrifice her own career for her family…but maybe it’s meant
to be…. Its one of the many phases of her life she need to go
through…. Why? She will only understand them later on in

The gate was lock from inside. She peeps in between the
metal gate and saw several faces looking back at her…


“Hello aunty” Gradually the faces came nearer to the gate
greeting her with smiles.

“Can aunty see the administrator? is she in?”

“Yes….aunty Mary is in… please come in” one of the bigger
children came forward and opens the door.

They were all sitting around a table… with books open in front
of them…

“Good morning aunty… “ they stood up and greet her in
unison….several smaller ones held her hand and lead her
towards the office….they’re all so young, thinking to herself….
and so that is how it all started…this is the House of Hope, is
the very point where it all began…