Many have asked me why I do not have feedback column or the guest book where they can leave their comments.  I choose not to.

If you have something to ask me or you want to respond to my article, then you can email me []. All emails receive will be treated with confidentiality, unless of course you want to have it publish in my website only then I will do accordingly and only if I see the need. I do not need compliments to accompany my website. If you like what you’re reading here and you want to spread it around, you can do so by circulating my URL. If you do not like my site, then please don’t come. I did not invite you here… you are the one who found me and you choose to stay and read. I care less if people publish it publicly other place condemning my site and asking people not to come here, as far as I am concern  I’m doing this not for other people pleasure but mine alone.   Some may find my article offensive to their belief system, my advise to them, then don’t come anymore. You are entitling to your belief and I am to mine, I am excising my right to express my opinion. If you do not like it, then debate it with me in here, I am always prepare for any debate, but please do not try to shut me up with threats.  

As long as I’m in this state of Mental Diarrhea, I will write what comes to my mind and put it up.  If you did not see any new postings anymore for a long time, then you could guess it…. I’m constipated or I’ve expired. Please do not try to search for me. Once this website expire should let it be: expired just like me…. Do not try to renew it.

If you are a Cyber terrorist and choose to hijack this site, I will not stop you nor will I retaliate. I rather save my time and energy for something else. I have all the backups and would just create a new site……..I will grow stronger each time you attack me. You will in fact do me a great favour.  I will not be broken.

That is how I see things…………….