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Somebody asked me: Why do you put a picture of a sad old lady up there?. Please remove her. “Why should I?” I asked him “Because she looks sad.. I don’t like to look at a picture of sad old lady” he continued. I responded “too bad. In my view she does not look sad at all, but peaceful and comfortable with herself and her surrounding. She didn’t bother anybody. She just sits there by herself” I love everything about her. The way she sit on the floor with nothing to protect but her white cloth, her hands folded resting against her head, and her eyes staring straight at you As you look you could feel the two eyes pierce through you

Who is she? I don’t know. I got this picture long long time ago from National Geographic Magazine. As soon as I laid eyes on it, I love the picture instantaneously. It’s good to like somebody you don’t know. Does it matter? Must my walls be adored with pictures of famous people? She is probably a beggar on the street or just an old lady sitting by herself, watching the world pass by and nobody pays much attention to her because she is just a nobody, but a lone photographer who saw her, saw how peaceful she looks and how comfortable she is and managed to capture that moment. She is the person in me, whom I rather be: A nobody. I like to be left alone. Let me be the silent observer to those around me, and I have found my peace.

Life is as such sometimes. We choose not to see the unpleasant side of it. We prefer to ignore and pretend it didn’t exist. We just want to hide it far away... away from our sight, because we don’t want to be reminded.

Many have asked me: who are you? I don’t know….. I never ask myself that question too. Instead I always asked myself: This is what you have become, this is where you are at this present moment in time, what can you do to make this journey pleasant and meaningful.

So please do not ask how I look because they are not important to me. Looks are nothing by just a physical representation and very superficial. I am this lone old lady you see in the picture. Look at her and you are looking at me.

And several have told me "We want to be your follower". My reply is "I am not here to look for followers or believers. I don't like to be followed and I resent being made one. I say what I have to say, I do not force anyone to accept what I have said. And I move on...."

What is my religious belief is not important for you to know either. I am not here to convert people to my ideology. I am here to tell what I think and feel, that is what this is all about....."