Her Holiness Mata Amritanandamayi Devi visits Kuala Lumpur
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Compassionate Mother, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi visits her devotees in Malaysia from 23 - 24 April 2004 at M.I.E.C.C. (Mines International Exhibition and Convention Centre), Kuala Lumpur. Her programmes will be held only in the evenings from 7:00pm onwards. All are welcome and admission is free.

April 2004... the after math..

"Did you go to see Amma?"

"Yes I did"

"What time did you go?"

"Almost 12 mn"

"What time did you managed to see Amma and what is your number"

"My number is 20000 ++ and we [ me and my friends ] see Amma at 4.30 am"

"wow! Only 4 hrs. How did you do that? My friend and his mother from Ipoh waited for almost 10 hrs and their number is 11000 ++ and they managed only to get her blessings at 9.30 am the next morning"

"you know what, listen ….. apparently numbers from 1000 till 4000, I heard have gone missing. They said taken by the volunteers. But the volunteers are being told that they will get the blessings from Amma herself at the end of it. So one of the volunteers gave me the numbers. "

"I See"

"But you know what I am not happy about. I gave her the garland, and immediately her "assistance" remove the garland , bring it to the other side of the stage and there I saw them selling the other garlands for RM50/-. Even in the temple they would never have done this. The flowers we offered to the deity are often given in return to others devotees as prasadam."'

[ Mind ] Mental Arithmetic triggered on.: hmmmmmm one garland Rm50/-. Sitting there for about 3 hrs, I observe out of every 10 who comes to seek her blessings, 7-8 would offer her a garland. …….. " "You know I am told, the last token number issued is 55 000 ++"

[ Mind ] Really ………. 55 0000 people seeks her blessings. Hmmmmmmm okay make a round figure , lets say 70% of the 55 0000 brings garland and being sold at Rm50/ ……. Ah! The Souvenior Magazine to commemorate Amma's visit to Malaysia, let take a look at it. How much does it cost ? Rm 25/- hmmmmmm look at the advertisers . Come on Calculate ! hmmmmm all are major companies. They should easily cover the production cost. …………. Suddenly an echo from somewhere: Ah! Never mind lah… for charity marked up the price people will definitely buy….

For charity! For charity! From personal experience, the actual production cost of this magazine would be Rm 2.00 per book. Well depend on the quantity you see. The more you print the lower the cost. Hmmmmmm 2.00 per book and sold at Rm25/- For charity! For charity ! people will definitely buy ….

The echos continues. ……..Recall that night …. While you walk back home… what do you see …. Amma's Cup…. How much they sell? Don't know, I didn't check. …… hmmmmm Amma's T-Shirt…. How much? Not sure. Lets say standard market value about Rm 20- 30 per T-Shirt. Hmmmmm .. What else? The Autobiography of Amma. ….. hmmmmmm The Lalitha Sahasranama

…. What else did you see ! A lot but I cant recall right now.

For charity! For charity! Ah! Never mind lah… for charity marked up the price people will definitely buy…

[ Mind ] Recalling a conversation with the friend from Ipoh. Did you get something to eat for your mother. They offered free food up there….. I did Akak and its not free. I have to pay. …. Well yes you pay for the drinks, because its from the hotel, hmmm Rm 2/- per small cup of coffee. But Food is free. Did you go to the counter which label : Free Food? I did Akak I went there and they told me I have to pay Rm2/ per packet of food. But the notice said : Free Food! Hmmmm

[ Mind ] Recalling another conversation. Happy to be able to see her at last! Yes Akak! Even though 10 hrs? Yes! Mission Accomplish! Yes! I am happy for you then. Hmmmmm another scene flash back : But you know what I am not happy about…..' Ironic isn't it …. One leave feeling happy after 10 hrs of waiting and another with a lot of unhappiness who waited for only 4 hrs. Both able to get her blessings.

And what about me ? Nothing…. What am I trying to say here……. Nothing too. Just feel like writing and sharing what I see and hear. …. Infront of me right now a Picture of Her Holiness Mata Amritanandamayi Devi smiling back at me.